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Sexual Images in the Media: What Do They Mean to You?


Adaptation française : Les images à caractère sexuel dans les médias : que signifient-elles pour vous?

Sexual images are everywhere. Nudity, intimacy, passion, longing … it’s hard to escape the suggestive behaviours that are depicted nearly non-stop on our television screens, between the pages of our favourite newspapers and magazines, and on our computers.

So has all of this in-your-face coverage about sex resulted in more people becoming addicted to sexual behaviours, ranging anywhere from Internet pornography to masturbation to adultery and beyond? Maybe.

While it’s important to note that there is truly no such thing as sex addiction (an addiction is diagnosed when the person suffering with a behaviour actually experiences physical withdrawal symptoms when the behaviour stops), there is definitely such a thing as sexual compulsivity. That is, compulsively engaging in sexual behaviours, but not suffering from physical withdrawals when the action stops.

To answer our question, sexual compulsivity may be on the rise – or maybe not. Maybe it was always there, but with recent celebrity “sex addicts” like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny being singled out for their actions, the world is now taking more notice. People are talking more about it. More people are seeking treatment for their sexual behaviours. In general, the fact that people are suffering with this these compulsive sexual actions is simply becoming more widely known.

Now that it is slightly more acceptable to talk about sexual behaviours, therapists are specializing in these areas and are talking to the media about their findings. They’re finding instances of sexual indiscretions are up, with causes running the gamut. But is it all a media circus? The chance to move papers and reel in viewers because, plain and simple, sex sells? It could be.

Regardless, there is no doubt that with all the images of “perfect” semi- or fully-naked bodies almost everywhere we turn, many women and men are experiencing body image issues. It’s hard to keep in mind that many, if not most, of the magazine spreads we see are Photoshopped or airbrushed to make the subject as flawless as possible. Instead, we view these people as real and concrete – something to aspire to – and our self-esteem plummets knowing that we’ll never live up to the expectations we have set for ourselves simply by looking through magazines. This, of course, is a horrible side effect to the ever-present air of sexuality in the media.

Whether sex in the media is spurring sexual behaviours or setting off feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, the bottom line is that sex is a big time player. We can’t get away from it, so we need to learn how to deal with it. And that’s when it’s good that more and more counsellors are specializing in both couples and individual treatments, all in hopes of making sex something to be enjoyed, respected and honoured.

Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer and blogger with hundreds of articles published online and in print. She is the newest member of the eDrugstore.md writing team and covers everything from sexual health to parenting to beauty, fashion, entertainment and more. eDrugstore.md, a safe online medications facilitator prescribes medications online such as Viagra, Valtrex and many more FDA approved drugs.

Image: Roland Darby / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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