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Flirt Your Way To The First Kiss


Adaptation française : Obtient ton premier baiser

Whenever you want to send a clear message to a woman, whether your long-time partner or a girl you’re meeting for the first time, the sense of touch can be more impactful than words. Some men just have a knack for flirting and wrapping a woman around their finger in a matter of moments. However the majority of guys don’t get the hot woman at the club, or fail at flirty advances with their wives or girlfriends, because they don’t know how to flirt.

Girls like confident brutes, and flirty touching takes some confidence and knowing what moves to make. And, if you’re a married man who is accustomed to the occasional arguments (you know the fights that you don’t even know why they got started in the first place!), then you will be eager to know how touching your wife the right way can swiftly defuse things and bring you lots of peace! The reason is, the human body reacts to pleasant caresses by producing oxytocin and endorphins which stimulate relaxation and happiness. So, understanding which ways to touch a woman correctly is very helpful, effective, and easy once you’ve got some fundamentals down pat.

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Your first move:

When meeting a sexy girl for the first time, you will want to communicate clearly when touching her so as not to appear too shy, or end up on her “guy-friend” list. Make it clear to her that you like her, without being abrupt or too forward with your body language, especially in the first fifteen minutes or so. After some conversation with a new girl at a nightclub, a classic subtle move is to casually brush against her arm or back while getting your glass. Another standard move is, while facing her in conversation, try leaning in toward her until your upper body is near her upper body to hear better what she’s telling you. While at home with your partner, a great tease is to warmly cuddle her from behind for just a moment while sighing, then stroll away. These kinds of moves will communicate in a clean way that you are flirting, but in an affectionate way, which women love.

The next step:

Provided conversation is going great till this point, it’s a good time to find out if she’s into you, so take a chance and move things along. If she has so far been cool with moderate closeness, then she’s probably cool even more advances. Take some initiative by touching her arm, shoulder or back purposefully but softly. If she pulls away, at least you know and you can continue on to another hot girl in the crowd. If your touch is met with a smile, smile back to signal you’re really happy you’re with her. Now you’re really signalling your affections to her, and she’s most likely doing her best not to openly swoon at your touching!. Keep the touch gentle and flirty – don’t be too “grabby” or smothering at all during these moments.

Take charge:

Chances are you are really hitting it off, having a great time, so go ahead and make a move in some other directions. An obvious welcoming signal by her is the classic laugh while she lightly slaps her hands on your thighs, or dropping her forehead into your chest or shoulder. Make your next move now by affectionately putting your arm around her while laughing, or asking her if she would like another drink with you. Massaging her shoulders is a wonderful way to cut through any remaining “tension”, and signal that you are really digging her company. Should she say something like, “oh, that’s so good”, you are definitely on your what way to achieving first base, or even more, tonight. The bottom line is to make her feel like the most important person to you at that moment, and you’ll be loving how she makes you feel too.

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Moving in for the Kiss:

She is more ready than you may think at this point, so it’s not a major step if you have really been connecting up till this point. Touch her hair or cheek, and look into her eyes with the intention that you want to kiss her. Look at her with a pause and expression to suggest “I really want to be closer with you” – and gently glide in for the initial kiss. It really doesn’t matter if you close your eyes, just make it a sensual kiss that’s soft and affectionate. A hot wet kiss at this moment will probably make her feel a bit awkward, unless she’s into it and really kisses you back, then go for it!.

If this is your first encounter with this woman, you’ve definitely got her phone number at least, or maybe the night will get even hotter for you.. Using these flirty tips with your lover? … Then you are already on your way to a hot night of lust with her!

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